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Core advantages
Quality Assurance
Linuo is time-tested PV solution provider and the projects of Linuo Power Group are durable and reliable.
Professional Engineering Team
Linuo has its own independent design institute and seek the design optimization and integration optimization from the different types of PV plant construction. Now there are 42 engineers in the design institute and they finish more than 1300MW project preliminary design.
Rich Experience
Linuo Power Group has more than 15 years experience in the PV project development, construction, operation and maintenance and has completed 70 PV plants until June, 2016.
Complete Industry Chain
Linuo Power Group, together with its sister company--- Linuo PV has the complete industry chain from PV manufacturing to PV application.
Broad Business Channel
Linuo Power Group has broad business channels in Shandong, Shanghai and western China through the brand influence of Linuo Group.


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