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Large Scale Ground Mounted Power Plants
The system capacity ranges from few MWs to hundreds MWs and they are normally installed in remote areas, like desserts, mountains and others where the land is not suitable for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural use.
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Industrial and Commercial Distributed Power Plants
Such applications are commonly installed on rooftop of office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. The system capacity ranges from a few hundred kWs to MWs. The PV plant will be tapped into the existing electrical network of the building, so it can directly cut the electricity bill.
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Residential Distributed Power Plant
It means small scale power plants from a few kWs to hundred kWs. Such systems normally are installed on rooftop of houses, apartments, etc. The main purpose to self-usage, and the over-production can be exported to the national grid and sold at specified tariff.
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Remote Operation & Maintenance
Remote operation and maintenance, intelligent analysis, remote monitoring, real - time data presentation
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