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Residential Distributed Power Plant

It means small scale power plants from a few kWs to hundred kWs. Such systems normally are installed on rooftop of houses, apartments, etc. The main purpose to self-usage, and the over-production can be exported to the national grid and sold at specified tariff.

● Complete Solution Our engineering team is able to provide complete solution for small scale PV system, include electrical design, structural calculation and verification, etc
● Customized Solution Beyondour standard package, we are able to design to suit to the building feature and integrate well with the building.
● Non-obligation pre-sales consultation Linuo Power will provide non-obligation pre-sales consultation service to beginners who are interestedin starting solar business.
● Sustainability Beyond the benefit of electricity savings, rooftop solar can help your organization meet environmental goals as your installation brings more renewable energy to the grid while also helping your state and community climb towards renewable energy targets.