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Industrial and Commercial Distributed Power Plants

Such applications are commonly installed on rooftop of office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. The system capacity ranges from a few hundred kWs to MWs. The PV plant will be tapped into the existing electrical network of the building, so it can directly cut the electricity bill. Meanwhile, it will reduce carbon dioxide emission and help the enterprise to perform the social responsibilities. Roof-mounted solar leverages your most underused asset: the roof above you. Our team understands your desire to both minimize roof penetrations and dead load, while also emphasizing quality and cost. We constantly evaluate many solutions on the market and will determine the racking solution that best meets each site situation, while financing the project to offer you the benefits of solar with no upfront cost.

● Maintain Roof Warranty Having completed a wide variety of projects on existing rooftops, our team works with roofing manufacturers on every project to ensure installation compliance. Any racking ballast pans can be installed with slip sheets to protect the underlying membrane and maintain roof warranty.
● Expert Project Management Our experienced project team ensures that installation is fast and easy, customized to meet the demands of your site.
● Minimize Penetrations Our ballasted racking, combined with non-invasive positive attachments, is easy and quick to install, reducing labor time and contributing directly to the project’s favorable economics. Yet the technology doesn’t substitute quality for ease. The racking is made of rugged aluminum and is non-corrosive and durable in all weather conditions.
● Sustainability Beyond the benefit of electricity savings, rooftop solar can help your organization meet environmental goals as your installation brings more renewable energy to the grid while also helping your state and community climb towards renewable energy targets.